Hey Louisiana, Don’t Let Your Home Foundation Problems Win

When it comes to your home, we all like to think we’re on top of it all. But sometimes, things can slip through the cracks—literally. Because our foundation is one of the last things on our mind, we often forget to check if any problems have arisen. But even if some damage is done, it’s not as if nothing can be done about it. All you need for your Louisiana home foundation problems are the professionals at WCK Foundation Repair

Sagging and Cracking

At WCK, we’ve covered the most common kinds of damage again and again. But what about the damage you don’t see every day? Most of the damage that goes unnoticed is actually within our own homes! How is that possible?

Whenever we see walls cracking, bowing, or coming apart, most of us would attribute that to age. After all, homes get old and things can shift. But “age” isn’t the only factor here. It’s a big possibility that age has begun to affect your foundation itself, affecting your home from the inside out. If you begin to see cracking along your walls for seemingly no reason, we might be able to tell you the real reason.

Look Up

And the walls aren’t the only things affected, you may be having moisture issues in your attic due to foundation damage. You may believe a leak up top might be because of a bad roof, but when no damage is found, it’s best to look below. Did you know that a foundation move could actually be affecting your roof? Skip nothing when it comes to your Louisiana home. You may never know if you have foundation problems unless you look around the house.

Don’t Go Down With The Ship

One of the worst-case scenarios has to be a sinking foundation. And, there can be a number of reasons why this is happening. In fact, you could even have a perfectly good foundation. Instead, the soil is to blame. But how can that be? The ground is solid, right? Well, not always, especially with the soil composition in the Baton Rouge area. 

In Baton Rouge, we have a rich, clay-laden soil that LOVES water. Combined with our heavy rainfall and humid air, this ground thrives in the wetness of it all. However, this isn’t exactly wonderful for your foundation. This soil expands when it comes in contact with water. 

So if one area is getting more water than the rest, the growing and shrinking can cause your home to suffer. Damage to your foundation or moving soil can cause your foundation to start sinking as well. Don’t ignore these issues! Do what you can to take charge of your drainage and foundation issues. Call the professionals to figure out your best next steps.

Handle Your Louisiana Home Foundation Problems With WCK

When you’re suffering from foundation problems, you need help from the pros at WCK. If you see any signs of foundation damage, get in touch with us by giving us a call at (225) 664-5956 or by sending us a message online. Make sure you grab an estimate as well to see just how we can help you out. Discover more about your Louisiana home and begin repairing any foundation problems we find

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