Bugs and Your Foundation

Bugs—they’re everywhere. Especially in humid Louisiana. But usually, they aren’t a problem if you can avoid them. However, if you suffer from anything bigger than foundation cracks, they can become a problem for you. We’re sure you’re wondering, “How does a tiny bug become a problem for my home?” But it’s a lot easier than you may think. Discover how with the pros at WCK Foundation Repair, and repair any concrete foundation problems you come across.

Common Bugs To See Around Foundations

Although it’s possible for many bugs to make a home out of these damages, there are some bugs that tend to stick around more than others.

Take pillbugs, for example. You may better know them as “roly-polies.” These little critters prefer to live in moist underground areas, making in and around your foundation a perfect habitat. Thankfully, these bugs are entirely harmless unless you’re a plant. So, unless you or your foundation has turned into foliage, you don’t have to worry.

Carpenter ants and bees are on the more destructive side of things. These big, black bugs can be a real bother. Pests tend to live in the same sort of habitat and—type of wood—as each other. And, if your concrete foundation problems reach up to the bottom of your home, the wood of your house is perfect for these tiny pests. Also, you need to be careful with these because carpenter ants can bite and spray acid as a defense mechanism, and carpenter bees can sting when they feel threatened.

The big problem critter everyone’s afraid to see is termites. Yes, termites use these tiny tunnels as well. If your damage leads right up against the wood of your home, termites can use these to sneakily begin making a snack out of your house. Homeowners don’t usually realize these bugs are eating away until the damage costs an arm and a leg to fix. So, when you see any type of foundation damage, it’s smart to call the experts as soon as possible. 

What Problems Can Occur?

Anything bigger than concrete foundation cracks can only open a world of possible issues. And when it comes to bugs, the biggest issue has to do with the wood in your house. Unfortunately, the wood in your home is perfect for habitat, food, and more for these tiny pests. And while it may feel out of sight, out of mind—the problems only get worse when the wood begins to get substantially damaged. You could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, or possibly replacing your entire floor. So when you see issues in your foundation, you need someone to repair these problems before it’s too late. 

Repair Your Concrete Foundation Problems With WCK

Don’t sit on concrete foundation problems and wait for them to become much worse. Get the help you need from the professionals at WCK. Grab a free estimate from us or call today to begin your WCK experience.

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