Louisiana Foundation Damage: How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Everything has a cost.  Whether it’s lunch, a new shirt or taking a vacation, money will be exchanged for these goods and services.  These costs are categorized and prioritized into wants and needs.  Of course you cover your needs first: food, shelter, clothing, etc.  Then you can move on to the wants: football tickets, a new truck, etc.  Well, when it comes to one of those needs, shelter, there can be countless additional costs that exceed simply keeping a roof over your head.  A very important and necessary cost can stem from foundation repair.  But how much exactly does it cost to have your foundation repaired?

In south Louisiana there are a variety of factors that can cause foundation damage.  Of course the severity of the damage and the state of the foundation will influence the cost as well.  Let’s take a look at what foundation repair can cost as well as the factors that can possibly increase or reduce it.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Prices can vary dramatically based on the severity of settlement as well as access to the damaged areas.  Exterior piers can range in price from $400-$600 each.  This is a standard pier 12” in diameter, eight to nine feet deep.  Interior piers typically range between $1,000 and $1,400 per pier.  The overall cost will depend on how many and what type of piers are needed to permanently remedy the damage.  If the damage is isolated to one corner of the house and the problem is caught early enough, it may only require a few piers.  However, if the damage has existed for some time and the entire home is now unstable, depending on the size of the home, 30-50 exterior piers could be needed, along with a handful of interior piers. 

Other Than Piers, What Else Could Influence the Cost of Foundation Repair?

  • Access: The easier it is for the damaged area to be accessed, the less time it will take and naturally cost less. This includes access points for the employees and the necessary equipment.
  • Landscaping: Elaborate flowerbeds and extensive landscaping along the foundation, in addition to sprinkler systems and other yard features can take longer to work around. WCK takes special care not to damage any existing landscaping elements, so it could take more time.
  • Multiple Concrete Breakouts: It is common to break a two foot by two foot section of concrete in order to install a pier. These are typically required inside garages, carports and patios.  The breakouts are repaired after the piers are placed.  Interior piers can also be difficult to place, especially if the home is currently furnished.  Of course the more breakouts required means more time and more piers are being placed which will increase the price.
  • Utility Lines: Water, gas, cable and sewer lines in the working area will take more time to locate and isolate to prevent damage.

Because no two homes are the same, there is no definitive formula or pricing guide.  If you believe your home has foundation problems, or you notice any of the signs of foundation damage, WCK offers a free estimate.  For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has helped south Louisiana homeowners repair and restore their home’s safety and value.  WCK stands by their work with a fully-transferrable lifetime warranty.  

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