Welcome Real Estate Agents

For all your foundation issues, WCK has got you covered.

We understand finding a possible foundation issue on a home you’re buying or selling can add a lot of stress. That’s why we’re here to help!

Here are a few things we can offer you: 

  • Appointment accommodation – we try our best to get you in before your inspection period is up. 
  • You can pay for our work at the closing table.
  • No transfer fees with warranties.

When should you call us? 

Not sure what to look for with a foundation inspection?

Cracks in the foundation itself and no where else is not an issue. Look for cracks in the brick, sheetrock and ceiling. When you have severe foundation movement you will see the cracks going up the structure.

If you see any of these in your home. please call us! For more information see our blog “Identifying Common Home Foundation Problems in Louisiana”.

How do I know if I have foundation issues?

We’ve seen it all in our industry, and we’re always happy to answer your questions. Check out some of our most common FAQs!

  • What types of foundations do you work on?

    There are many different types of foundations in southeast Louisiana.  WCK is experienced in slab repair, including post tension, pier and beam repair, as well as chain wall foundation repair.

    On pier and beam homes, the minimum height off the ground would be 18″.  This is because our crew needs good crawl space. We only do estimates on houses 18″ and up, unless the subfloor is removed first.  So if your home is lower than that, and your subfloor is removed, we can work on it.

    A chain wall foundation is a pier and beam home, with a brick perimeter.  Drilled shaft piers work great on the chain wall, while we are still able to make pier and beam repairs to the interior.

  • Why is your method the best for Louisiana soil?

    We machine drill holes 12 inches in diameter about 7 to 9 feet deep. Then we dig about 36 to 24 inches around the top. Then we pour concrete up to about 10 inches below the footing. The only consistent soil layer in Louisiana is the top 5 to 10 feet in depth. Because our piers are conically shaped we take advantage of the harder, dryer soil layer.

    We also go deep enough to penetrate below the moveable soil layer without hitting the softer, wetter soils below. Over the years, WCK has had the full support of the engineering professionals who specialize in solving foundation problems in our community. In fact, every engineer in Louisiana that we’ve worked with or consulted has preferred our system for foundation repair in this state.

  • I’m seeing water coming up through cracks in my foundation, is this a foundation problem?

    No. The first step would be to get your plumbing checked out. If your plumbing has zero leaks we have found this is a drainage problem. A quicker/cost efficient fix would be to seal the slab and see if that keeps the water out (we do not seal slabs). If the problem persists you can get a quote on drainage work to re-direct water to flow away from the home. We say this is a drainage problem because there are air pockets underneath your home. When it rains and the water doesn’t flow away from the home it will then drain into those air pockets and come up through the cracks in your slab.

  • The issue seems minor, I just need a report saying the foundation is stable, can you come do that for me?

    No. For liability reasons we cannot write up a report stating a foundation is stable. We can give you a verbal assessment. The only paperwork we provide is a quote to repair the home. We recommend getting a structural engineer for a written report.

  • Why should I use WCK?

    While you may find many other foundation repair companies in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas of southeast Louisiana, WCK has the most experienced professionals.  With several crews operating daily, multiple experienced estimators available and a fully staffed office, WCK has a strong focus on customer service.  Most of the WCK employees in a management role have been with us for 8+ years.

    We also offer financing to our customers, making foundation repair as budget friendly as possible.  Synchrony Bank offers 0% interest for 18 months, along with other extended plans available.

Hear more from some of our real estate agents we’ve worked with! 

“If I had to rate WCK foundation, I would give them 10 stars. They are professional, efficient, friendly, and provide excellent customer service. I met Mike in 2008, as a customer, when the house I was buying had foundation issues. He did an amazing job and even came out when I had questions years later. As a Realtor, I recommend WCK to all of my clients. I call all of the time with questions on properties and to see if they have reports and the majority of the time they do. I love working with them and would recommend them to everyone.”- Joy Russel with Keller Williams Realty First Choice

“I recently had a client whose house had some foundation issues.   The first contract fell through because buyer did not want to deal with the foundation issue.  I had 3 different foundation companies give my seller a bid to repair the foundation.  W.C.K. was picked to do the work because of their A+ consumer rating.  I personally met with the owner of the company who was so knowledgeable and professional.  They have been in the foundation business for more than 40 years.  W.C.K. foundation is a family owned business that has been serving our area with great customer service for years.  They stand behind their work and guarantee the finished product with a Lifetime Warranty that can be transferred to the new buyer should a sale ever take place.  I have been selling real estate for more than 35 years, and I must tell you I was very pleased with their foundation repair work.   Their workers go through rigorous training and have also been with their company for many years.  They were very careful and worked together like a fine engine tune-up.   They have their system down to a science.  They were on time, very neat, left no mess and did a fantastic job.  The home went under contract within a week.    W.C.K. is your answer to fix all foundation issues.”- Luke Chiniche Jr. with Century 21 Investment Realty

“I have recommended WCK Foundation since 2001.  As a Realtor I have to be careful who I recommend and I have always had confidence that my friends, family & clients will be treated fairly and with honesty when they call WCK FOUNDATION they will get an honest opinion on the foundation.  WCK will not try to “sell” you something you don’t need!  If you hire them, they show up, do the job right the first time and honor the quoted price. They are the EXPERTS!  I have never been disappointed with WCK!  They are professional and very nice to work with. Above all, they stand behind their work & are reliable, that’s something you can’t put a price on.   THANK YOU WCK!”- Karen Moore with Keller Williams 1st Choice