Identifying Common Home Foundation Problems in Louisiana

Have some things given you cause for concern in your foundation? With the recent storms, it’s understandable if you noticed some of these issues. However, it’s difficult to know when to call in the experts if you’re unsure about the warning signs. As professionals of our craft, WCK Foundation Repair knows foundation damage like the backs of our hands. But what do you really need to look out for? Take a glance at these common home foundation problems in Louisiana and see if you think you need professional help.

Catching These Common Home Foundation Problems

Because of the soil types we see and the varying water levels, most newer homes sit on concrete slab foundations in Louisiana. With soil that shifts and moves, these foundations are bound to crack under constant abuse. But if you know what to look for, you could save yourself from a much bigger problem. See what might be a sign of a larger problem and protect yourself.

  • Cracks in the concrete, bricks, and sheetrock. Not all cracks are something to worry about. But if they create considerable gaps or run far enough, they can cause serious problems. Some issues you may not even consider—such as infestations and water damage from floods—can become sources of foundation damage. 
  • Uneven floors. Some people might write this off as “the house settling” or some other nonchalant reason. However, it can be an indication that your floor is unevenly shifting about. Meaning, your foundation is possibly in danger of or is already facing serious damage. Try to find a professional to take a look if you see this issue. 
  • Doors that don’t open properly. If your door has problems opening or even closing, this is an indication that something is rather wrong with your floor instead of your door. This is actually a sign that your floors have shifted, and your door sticking is simply an indication of it.
  • Foundation sinking. For some foundations, this is pretty easy to catch. But for others, it’s a little harder. Especially if you’ve been living in the home for years, it’s difficult to notice something that progresses so slowly. 
  • Gaps in windows and doors. Just like doors that don’t open properly, if there are gaps in the windows or doors, you may want to call a professional. This may be a sign that your foundation is sinking or shifting improperly.

Knowing what to look for is the biggest way to catch foundation damage before it’s too late! Save your home and make sure to regularly look for these common home foundation problems in Louisiana.

Down Where It’s Wetter

Water is everywhere in Louisiana. In fact, Louisiana is the second wettest state in the nation. We can especially see this during hurricane season throughout the months of June to November. And despite our state’s history, our homes still aren’t built to be waterproof. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. There are a number of ways to prevent rain from building up on your property. But either way, it needs to find its way off your grass and into the road where the soil can’t soak it up. The soil in Baton Rouge to the Northshore loves water, and our specialists are here to help.

What Soil Do We Have?

Louisiana’s soil is a diverse wonderland of minerals. But from Baton Rouge to the Northshore, the land is an expansive, clay-laden soil. If you’re not quite sure what we mean, think of the last time you saw a big hole. Remember all the red earth underneath? That’s all clay. Unfortunately, this clay loves water. So much so that it swells when it comes in contact with it. This isn’t usually a large issue. But drainage problems can make it one.

When water sits in one place in your yard, especially near your home, it sinks into the ground at a faster pace. So the swelling clay expands in just one part of your yard and negatively affects your foundation. See what we’re getting at? If you see a drainage problem or signs of damage, get in touch with us!

Ask the Professionals Your Foundation Questions Today!

WCK is one of the leading foundation experts in southern Louisiana. If you think your foundation is damaged, be sure to contact us and grab a free estimate! Common home foundation problems in Louisiana are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Keeping an eye out and calling when you see trouble is the best way to keep your home standing strong. 

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