PVC Drains

“What if I’m looking for something simple or more affordable?”

Sometimes a current drainage system isn’t up to par to avoid water damage. And, unfortunately, this damage affects more than just your yards. To try and avoid impeding foundation damage, do yourself a favor and look into PVC pipe drains as your drainage choice.

More Affordable

Many choose PVC because the pipe is effective for their needs and more affordable to put in. For those who don’t suffer from standing water, this drainage system can work for their needs.

Easy To Hide

Another plus of PVC pipes is that these can easily be out of sight, out of mind. The only part that would possibly need to be visible is the end where it’s draining into the street. Being out of sight is also useful for those who dislike their drainage system being in the public view.


Because the pipes are made of plastic, they last much longer than their metal counterparts, which are susceptible to rust. Plastic is also much quieter on the ears and doesn’t have a knocking sound as their counterparts tend to have. You can expect this piping to last 40-80 years, long after you plan to be in your home.

Does PVC piping sound good for your home?

If so, feel free to call the professionals at WCK Foundation Repair. We’re ready to make your home foundation friendly.