Sump Pumps

“How does draining in a crawl space work?”

A raised foundation doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. And if a good amount of water is finding its way underneath your home and sitting there, a sump pump could do you good. What is a sump pump? This device is buried under the ground, waiting to fulfill its purpose. Once water begins to fill it, the switch turns on and begins to pump the water away. But how else is this a good choice?

Quick Draining

Thanks to the sump pump’s mechanical nature, any water is quickly removed from the space to avoid any possible rotting or water damage. Yet again, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

Reduces Chances Of Pests

Residents of Louisiana know good and well that mosquitoes are a real problem. And standing water only makes them multiply. Therefore, by removing the water under your house, you remove a spawning point for mosquitos and other pests who would otherwise annoy or infect you and your family.

More Reliable Than Waterproofing Treatments

Many attempt to avoid water damage with a seal around their crawlspace foundation. But it doesn’t do much—especially with all of Louisiana’s heavy rains. However, with a sump pump, you can see the difference. Watch the water flow away with your worries.

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