Channel Drains

“How do channel drains help my foundation?”

Pooling water is one thing. But when that water spreads around your yard, it’s even worse. Your foundation and property can take a major hit, causing structural damage and creating safety hazards. With a channel drain, also called a trench drain, you can move high volumes of water away from your home really quickly. How does that work?


Who doesn’t love it when everything about your home matches perfectly? With channel drains, you have the ability to choose many aspects for the perfect look. Choose from a variety of materials such as plastic or steel. Some grates even come in different colors. There are also several load ratings to ensure your drains are strong enough to hold a person, car, or even an 18-wheeler.

Easy To Maintain

Did some debris fall into your trench drains? No problem. Just unscrew and take off the grates for easy access. From here, you can easily take out any large debris that would cause your drain to clog.

Able To Handle A Lot Of Water

Due to the nature of channel drains, they are able to take a lot of water away very quickly. With the amount of rain that Louisiana tends to provide, these drains provide the perfect drainage solution.

If you notice that your home is suffering from poor drainage, don’t hesitate to call WCK.

We’re here to help you prevent or repair any foundation damage.