Catch Basins

“What do catch basins look like? How can they help my drainage problems?”

Simple and easy to hide, a catch basin is a box in the ground with a grate on top and a pipe sloping down away from the basin. While often seen on public streets, catch basins are wonderful drainage options for many homeowners. But how do they help your home and property?

Great Landscape Aid

If your home has poor drainage and heavy rainfall, these basins are a great option as they can take on large amounts of water at a time. Now you can avoid standing puddles of water, limit bugs, foundation damage, and landscaping issues.

Boosts Home Value

Even if a homeowner is planning on staying in their home for a while, nearly everyone thinks about the eventual resale value. By upgrading your drainage system with a catch basin, you can boost your home and property value in more ways than one. 

Less Maintenance On Drainage System

Due to the large items and sediments caught in the catch basin, water passes more easily in your drain system, making blockages less likely to occur.

Does a catch basin sound like the drainage system for you?

Call WCK to see how we can help you. We do our best to help you avoid any foundation damage.