Common Foundation Repair Questions

Customer knowledge is at the forefront of what we do. From the “Hows” to the “Whys”, we’re here to answer your foundation repair questions.

  • Why are Louisiana soil conditions unique?

    There is no rock or consistently solid ground for thousands of feet below the ground, the soil here is very expansive clay.

    This soil contracts and expands drastically with moisture changes in the soil, the subsoil layer (approximately 5 to 20 feet below the surface) is extremely unstable.

    We have commonly found very hard, dry soil when drilling one hole, then very moist soil when drilling the next hole just a few feet away.

  • What are the most common causes of Foundation failure in Louisiana?

    The most common cause of foundation failure is changes in moisture and the density of the soil. For example, when residential subdivisions are developed, especially in wooded areas, the top soil layer is quite thick. This soil layer contains decomposing matter and root systems which will continue to decompose and compact for years after the subdivision is developed.

    It would not be practical or cost effective for contractors and developers to remove 2 to 4 feet of topsoil before developing the many acres it takes to build subdivisions. Also these soils often are very moist. The developers remove vegetation off the top of the soil.

    They bring in hard clay and river silt and build the soil up making it very hard on the top. Then they put in excellent drainage to prevent flooding.

    Now when it rains the water drains off the hard top soil. The water does not penetrate deep into the subsoil layer. This causes the subsoil layer to shrink. We also have decomposing top soil and root matter beneath the land fill layer. Thus most homes in subdivisions in Louisiana will eventually need foundation repair.

  • Do you do foundation inspections?

    This is a tricky one.  We actually don’t do inspections, we do estimates.  When you call our office, our scheduler will ask you a few questions about the signs of foundation failure you are seeing.  If you aren’t seeing any, good news is- you don’t have foundation failure!

    If you need peace of mind for potential buyers, a home inspector can be contacted for an inspection or if you need a letter stating the foundation is stable, a local Professional Engineer can provide that.

    So if you’r’e seeing signs of foundation failure, such as cracked sheetrock, stair step shaped cracks in brick mortar, doors sticking or swinging open, cracks above windows – give WCK a call for your free estimate on repair.

  • Why is your method for Foundation repair the best for Louisiana soil?

    We machine drill holes 12 inches in diameter about 7 to 9 feet deep. Then we dig about 36 to 24 inches around the top. Then we pour concrete up to about 10 inches below the footing. The only consistent soil layer in Louisiana is the top 5 to 10 feet in depth. Because our piers are conically shaped we take advantage of the harder, dryer soil layer.

    We also go deep enough to penetrate below the moveable soil layer without hitting the softer, wetter soils below. Over the years, WCK has had the full support of the engineering professionals who specialize in solving foundation problems in our community. In fact, every engineer in Louisiana that we’ve worked with or consulted has preferred our system for foundation repair in this state.

  • Is pier and beam work covered under your warranty?

    YES!  WCK offers a limited warranty on pier and beam foundation leveling.  Proper drainage and ventilation, which is the responsibility of the homeowner, will ensure long lasting results on repairs.  This warranty is fully transferrable to any future homeowner.

  • Why should I use WCK?

    While you may find many other foundation repair companies in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas of southeast Louisiana, WCK has the most experienced professionals.  With several crews operating daily, multiple experienced estimators available and a fully staffed office, WCK has a strong focus on customer service.  Most of the WCK employees in a management role have been with us for 8+ years.

    We also offer financing to our customers, making foundation repair as budget friendly as possible.  Synchrony Bank offers 0% interest for 18 months, along with other extended plans available.

  • What if I lose my warranty?

    Simply call our office, give us the address, and we can send you a new one. There is no transfer fee and if you decide to sell and move, simply leave it with the new owners.

  • What types of foundations do you work on?

    There are many different types of foundations in southeast Louisiana.  WCK is experienced in slab repair, including post tension, pier and beam repair, as well as chain wall foundation repair.

    On pier and beam homes, the minimum height off the ground would be 18″.  This is because our crew needs good crawl space. We only do estimates on houses 18″ and up, unless the subfloor is removed first.  So if your home is lower than that, and your subfloor is removed, we can work on it.

    A chain wall foundation is a pier and beam home, with a brick perimeter.  Drilled shaft piers work great on the chain wall, while we are still able to make pier and beam repairs to the interior.