Hurricane Prep From A Foundation Repair Company

As we roll deeper into hurricane season, the residents of Louisiana brace themselves for any wayward storms. They board up their houses, they buy drinking water and food in bulk, but they neglect one important thing! Their home’s foundation. If your yard isn’t draining properly, your foundation is at major risk for damage. Find out from the foundation repair company experts how to maintain your yard and save your home.

The Damage Water Can Do

When we see puddles in our yard, we never think much of it. But this is a big problem when you live in Baton Rouge. This water seeps into the soil and changes it, affecting the foundation around it. Specifically, Baton Rouge’s soil is very unique—it’s clay-laden and expands when wet. This characteristic is not an issue when a yard drains properly. But when water sits, it seeps into the soil unevenly, causing shifting.

Once this shifting takes place, your foundation can mildew or crack depending on the type. If it does crack, this can lead to a multitude of issues such as:

  • Uneven floors
  • Sinking
  • Cracks in the walls

In short, the issues won’t stop. If you feel your foundation might be damaged, don’t hesitate to call WCK. No other company does this job as well as we do.

Foundation Repair Company Features: Hurricane Facts

In Louisiana, hurricanes and floods are just a part of our environment. You know how to prepare your home and have an evacuation plan in place. But there’s more to these storms than meets the eye! So here are some hurricane facts to take home with you:

  1. Hurricane season is from June to November. This is because the seas are warm and humid, creating prime conditions for hurricanes to develop.
  2. A hurricane can be a Category 1-5. Each category is determined by their wind speeds and possible damage, not size. 
  3. In the center of the storm, there is an eye, a large hole where the storm is calm. The air here is warm and the storms surrounding it are the densest and most destructive.
  4. Jupiter has a 300-year-old hurricane called the “Red Spot.” This massive storm is bigger than the planet Earth! Yikes!

Contact This Foundation Repair Company

WCK Foundation Repair is your premier Baton Rouge foundation repair company. Our credibility can’t be beat. Have a question for our specialists that our FAQ page didn’t answer? We’re prepared to tackle any issue you have, so don’t be afraid to contact us

Fill out our form today and get a free foundation estimate from us! Hurricanes happen when we least expect it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. If you feel your foundation is damaged, call WCK today and we’ll stop damage in its tracks.

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