Drilled Pier Method Baton Rouge

When it comes to foundation repairs not all methods are equal. The principle difference is in the method used to install piers and stabilize the foundation. In the pressed pier application, the pilings are pressed into the ground with hydraulic means while using the weight of the house above as resistance to the push off the hydraulic jack. The pilings are pushed into the ground to some determined pounds per square inch which in most cases means that the pilings do not reach the bedrock stratus or other more stable ground layers. This is because in the Baton Rouge area the clay is too dense for the piers to penetrate deep enough before the house begins to lift.  Therefore, the installer uses the house as a ram to force piers as deep as possible. This causes excessive movement on one point at a time which usually leads to considerable structural damage to the house. 

Drilled piers have been in use since the beginning of foundation repairs and are still the most recommended method prescribed by structural engineers. In virtually all commercial applications, from highways to airports, roads, commercial buildings, high-rise buildings, drilled piers is the only method used. At a smaller scale, the homeowner residence can also be helped with the use of drilled piers for the foundation repairs. 

WCK Foundation Repair installs drilled piers for support to correct foundation settlement and prevent future movement. Depending upon the project requirements, there are several different pier designs and sizes to choose from. In general, these piers can extend to depths between 6 to 12 feet, or to rock. They are machine-drilled with the aid of an auger mounted to a skid-steer loader (Bobcat). For pier locations where access is limited and for interior piers, a smaller machine is used.

The drilled piers are built to sustain more than 3000 psi and are drilled deep enough to rest of bedrock or equivalent resistance stratus. 

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