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As experts, we’re expected to know about foundations and concrete, but would you expect we also know our dirt? It’s only natural, after all, because soil can affect your foundation in so many ways. But, what do you know about the ground beneath you as you walk? Find out from the foundation repair specialists near Port Allen and know your yard better than ever.

From Mountains To Molehills: General Soil Facts

Soil is a part of our everyday life. Especially in the south, where our big cities are more often still vibrantly green. But even though we regularly come in contact with the ground, what do we even know about it? You might be surprised to find out something new about the earth beneath your feet. 

  • One gram of healthy soil contains millions of organisms. The earth is home to so many creatures—large and microscopic! Including—but not limited to—earthworms and fungi. 
  • Soil retains moisture. This is why you want to have a proper drainage system for your home. When water sits on the ground for a long time, the soil expands and might affect your home negatively. Be careful and make sure your yard is appropriately landscaped to ensure proper draining
  • The soil has almost one-third of all living organisms. However, only about 1% of these tiny organisms have been identified. But, we’re discovering more and more every single day! Who knows. Maybe in 10 years, we’ll be able to name everything in the ground.
  • There are four classifications of soil. Sandy soil is better known as sand. Yes, sand is a type of soil and consists of small rock particles. Silt soil has much smaller particles than sand and is made of rock. But, the smooth quality of the earth holds water much better than sand. Clay soil has the smallest particles and packs in tightly. Smooth and dense, this earth is great at holding water. It also happens to be the type of soil most commonly found in our area. Last but not least, loamy soil is a combination of the previous three. Thanks to its ability to hold moisture and nutrients, it’s the most suitable for farming.

And that’s only some things you can learn about the ground. For more exciting facts, make sure you keep up with our blog! You can never know too much, and as the foundation repair experts in Port Allen, we’re always ready to provide.

Don’t Wait On Your Foundation Repair In Port Allen

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