Landscape Drainage Options With Foundation Specialists Near You

Foundations and water are like oil and water—they just don’t mix. Keeping water away from your home isn’t just a smart decision, it’s a smart investment. But how do you choose from all of the drainage options out there? And what are the options, anyway? Discover the drainage differences with the foundation specialists near you at WCK Foundation Repair.

So, What Is A French Drain?

Not French in origin, this drainage technique was named after its inventor: Henry Flagg French. French drains divert water away through a layer of gravel and then into a perforated pipe. The layer of gravel is because water always goes the way of least resistance. Gravel offers a lot of cracks and surfaces for water to travel to, unlike soil. With french drains, they need to be at the highest point of the ground draining out to the lowest in order to work best.

Tell Me About Trenches!

Often confused with French drains, trench drains are surface drains using grates instead of gravel. Usually, you see these drains in commercial areas or around pools. Because they often are not a part of the water’s natural flow, there is usually a box to transport the water away. 

Swale What Do You Know?

You may have seen a swale and not have realized it. Swales often look like ditches, but they’re not exactly the same shape. Ditches are often canals cut into land that was previously the same height. Swales move from higher ground, merge slowly into lower ground, and then go back up to a piece of land that’s lower than the previous high ground.

Swales slow the flow of rainwater with their broad and shallow dips. These are easy to merge into landscapes and are perfect for those who wish for a more subtle choice.

What’s Best For My Louisiana Yard?

Many Louisiana homes are built on flat land and need somewhere for the water to go. Depending on the way your yard is built, you may need a different technique than initially planned. Yard drainage isn’t just so you don’t kill your grass—it keeps your home from cracking and crumbling all around you. Talk to the foundation specialists near you and see what drainage option is best for you.

“Hey Siri. Find The Best Foundation Specialists Near Me.”

Look no further! WCK Foundation Repair is here to help you make sure your yard is ready to take on a big wave of water.

On the other hand, if you think your foundation might be damaged, make sure to get a free estimate from us. Call us at (225)664-5956 to ask our team of specialists about our craft and get to know more about your yard. You can also send us any questions online and we’ll get to you shortly. Let’s get your yard to drain like a pro.

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