The Search For Capable Foundation Repair Companies Is Over

Your home’s foundation is vulnerable to large amounts of rainfall. We would tell you to prepare for lots of rain this spring. But let’s be honest—the weather is crazy all year round in Louisiana. So why limit it to the springtime? No matter what time of year, water pooling in your yard threatens the integrity of your home’s foundation. When you’re searching for foundation repair companies, you need a company that will make your foundation last for years to come. WCK Foundation Repair is here to not only help you repair your foundation but also to prevent it from being water damaged. 

First Check For Signs

Heavy and sporadic amounts of rain aren’t new here. There is a chance your home’s foundation is already in need of repairs. Add that to the vulnerable clay soil that lies beneath our homes and you may have a problem. You see, when the rain falls and seeps into the soil, the soil expands, putting pressure on the foundation. When too much pressure has applied, the foundation starts to crack.

You should first check your home for any visible signs of foundation stress. Look for any horizontal cracks along the inside walls or stair-step cracks on outside brick. These are the most visible signs of potential problems. However, you should contact an expert at WCK for a professional inspection to be positive.

Next Check Your Drainage

Of course, homes often sink because of the varying levels of Louisiana soil and it often goes unnoticed. Or perhaps you haven’t had drainage issues before, but recent rain levels are revealing less-than-thrilling water pools. This may be a sign that your soil is vulnerable to foundation issues. Contact a foundation inspection expert to get an accurate read on where your house stands.

If the underlying soil causes the home to sink, what makes the water stick around in pools and sink into the ground rather than flow off? It might be as easy as clogged gutters or dips in the landscape of the lawn. Sloping terrains or artificial obstructions, which are more serious issues, may also cause water pools.

While you may not need a full foundation repair, we want to ensure your home is in tip-top condition. As one of south Louisiana’s highest quality foundation repair companies, WCK Foundation offers drainage solutions, as well. We can install underground PVC to direct water away from your yard into the ditches or swells.

Nonetheless, all homeowners should use water drainage practices to prevent harmful water retention. While the following steps won’t repair your foundation, they can help future damage from occurring.

  1. Check your gutters and clean them out properly.
  2. Check for dips in your yard and fill them with soil. 

Your Next Step: Call WCK

When you’re looking for foundation repair companies, you need someone reliable and with a good foundation. Since 1983, WCK Foundation Repair has provided quality foundation repair for many homes across south Louisiana. No matter your budget, you deserve a strong and sturdy home. We can work with financing options to make sure your home gets the repair it needs. Contact us today to set up an inspection and receive a free estimate.

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