Why It’s Important to Check for Foundation Problems Before Selling Your Home

When you’re ready to sell, it’s essential to check your home for foundation problems. This can save you from potentially being blindsided by an expensive surprise during the home inspection process. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a contract when you realize your home has foundation problems. Instead, know where you stand before entering the market, and be sure to call WCK Foundation Repair for a free estimate. Learn about some of the reasons why your home could be at a greater risk for foundation damage.

Is Your Foundation on a Slippery Slope?

Baton Rouge features a lot of naturally moist soil that can easily create home foundation problems if you aren’t careful. The added moisture is a result of the earth below being heavily saturated with clay in some areas. If you live next to a river, lake, or flood zone, it’s always a good idea to get an inspection before you put your home up for sale. 

But of course, home foundation problems aren’t isolated to these locations. When our weather becomes especially humid, clay can soak up this moisture and expand under our homes, often shifting our foundation as a result. 

Is Your Home Showing Signs of Aging?

Older homes also have a higher risk of home foundation problems. If you own an older home, be sure to walk through it often and check for visible signs. On the inside, wall and floor cracks can be a sign of potential issues. 

Horizontal cracks around the perimeter of your walls are usually a strong indication of foundation stress. You’ll want to examine your home’s exterior as well. When checking, pay attention to your brick for any stair-step cracks. These are potential signs of foundation problems. Sometimes these cracks are normal and may not be cause for concern. But it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Other signs may not be as noticeable. With such varying moisture levels, our foundations often sink deeper or even create uneven grounds. Only a professional who is trained to inspect foundations can truly tell if your home is losing its ground. 

Your Next Steps

Should you discover foundation problems, you still have hope of selling your home. Following an inspection and an estimate from WCK, you’ll receive a quote along with our honest, professional opinion. 

After this, you have two options: you can fix the foundation and invest more in the sale. Or, you can decide if the buyer should fix the foundation after the sale. But this means you will likely receive less money from the final sale. It’s ultimately a matter of preference between you and a potential buyer. 

Above all, disclose all information to your agent and buyer. This includes reports, estimates, and honest recommendations. After all, withholding this information could mean trouble down the line. So, it’s best to keep everything on the up-and-up.

Start With a Strong Foundation

When it comes to selling your home in Baton Rouge, don’t get caught off guard with a home foundation problem. Save yourself the stress and call WCK Foundation Repair first. Contact us online or call 225-664-5956 for more information about a free repair estimate. We’re happy to help you in any way we can.

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