The More You Know About Foundation Repair in Hammond…

…the better! While sometimes it’s inevitable, we want to give our customers a fighting chance against foundation damage. And who knows foundation repair in Hammond better than us? Discover tricks, tips, and know-how with the professionals at WCK Foundation Repair and protect your home from possible foundation damages. 

Mud and Houses Don’t Mix Well

Louisiana has a pretty diverse soil distribution. One city may have several different kinds, let alone an entirely different type of soil than the next city over. Between Baton Rouge and the Northshore, the soil is expansive and clay-laden. We’re certain you’ve seen it before. If you’ve ever dug in your yard, you most likely hit a thick-red clay. Now imagine that spanning over sixty miles. Yeah, it’s pretty wild. Depending on the type of soil you have and how far the layers go, your foundation could face the consequences. 

You see, most houses in the area sit on a concrete slab or with pier and beam foundations. While sturdy and stable, wet and uneven soil often wreaks havoc on these foundations. With enough shifting and movement, the foundations begin to break and need repairs. But with the right care, this damage can be stopped, or at least delayed. 

Retention Prevention

When it rains, it pours down in Louisiana. It’s constant, especially during the summer months. But did you know that this water is dangerous for your home? You remember that clay-laden soil, right? Well, this soil loves water more than anything—so much so that it swells when it comes into contact with it. However, this really only occurs when water is standing in one spot on the surface. Standing water in one place of your yard or around your home is bad news. Specifically, this can show that your ground is shifting, but only in that one spot, causing friction in your foundation.

The first step to fixing the issue is to get that water outta here! Look around and ensure that water is falling off your home and is making its way into the street. Also, make sure that there are no dips in your grass where water can collect. If there is, make sure to fill that in with soil to even it out. And if you haven’t checked recently, make sure you’re cleaning out your gutters properly. Your dad didn’t tell you to do it for no reason.

Another great thing about getting standing water away from your home is that you’re also removing the threat of mosquitos. As they lay their eggs in standing water, hundreds or thousands of pests could surround your home within weeks. Do yourself a favor and remove that water from your home.

Call WCK For Foundation Repair Services In Hammond

Don’t sit around and let water gather on your land! In the event that your foundation has taken a hit, make sure to call WCK for our professional foundation repair services in Hammond. Have a question for us that wasn’t in our FAQ? Not a problem. Feel free to contact us online. Either way, don’t delay. Grab a free estimate and make sure your foundation repairs in Hammond are done right.

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