Drainage Solutions in Baton Rouge: What Type of Drain is Best for Your Yard?

Rain is a constant and consistent way of life in south Louisiana.  Throughout the year we rarely we more than a week without some sort or amount of precipitation.  From sporadic showers to massive downpours, our tropical climate and its relentless rainfall can create a number of problems for our yards and homes.  From roof leaks to standing water and more, managing the results of wet weather needs to be a top priority.  But where to begin?

The soil that our homes are built upon is an expansive, clay-laden soil that can wreak havoc on concrete and all types of foundations if it becomes to dry or to saturated.  As rain falls and soaks into the ground, the soil expands, which can create pressure on the sides your foundation, and other concrete structures like sidewalks, patios, and driveways.  Also, during times when rain is few and far between, the soil will contract, removing its support from these elements.  This is why it is so important to maintain an adequate amount of moisture in the ground, not too much, not too little.  Both solid pipe surface drains with catch basins can accomplish this.

Surface Drains for Your Baton Rouge Yard

If you have problems with water collecting in certain areas of your yard, a surface drain can be the ideal solution.  Surface drains capture and transport standing, or ponding water.  Catch basins are installed in low areas where the water can enter through a grate.  These basins are connected to a solid pipe below, and the water is dispersed away.

If gravity does not allow for the water to be channeled to the appropriate area, pumps can be used for either drain design.

Drainage can be a major issue for many homeowners, creating a lot of expensive headaches.  WCK Foundation Repair cannot only address foundation problems across south Louisiana, they can also create drainage solutions that can prevent future problems.

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