Walker Foundation Repair: 4 Ways to Avoid Foundation Damage

Stretching before you exercise can help prevent injury. Drinking plenty of water before spending time outside on a hot Louisiana day can ward off heatstroke. Regular oil changes can help lower the risk of car problems. Do you notice a pattern? There are countless ways to prevent issues with proper maintenance and observation. Your home’s foundation is no different! When it comes to foundation damage, there are several things you can do and look for that can help keep your foundation safe and healthy. Here are four ways to avoid foundation damage and prevent the need for Walker foundation repair.

1. Maintain Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters play a large role in protecting your foundation. These metal channels collect rainwater as it drips from your roof and channels it away from your home. However, clean and clear gutters will only work as well as the downspouts they are attached to. 

If your downspouts don’t direct water away from your home by at least 5 to 10 feet, the rain will inundate the soil around your foundation. If the soil is oversaturated, it can swell and put intense pressure on the foundation, causing damage to its strength and stability. Getting an inspection and free estimate for Walker foundation repair can help you protect your home from damage!

2. Keep an Eye Out for Standing Water 

Aside from poor-performing downspouts, other signs of potential trouble can also stem from water. If you notice standing water around your home or areas along your foundation where water is slow to drain, these could indicate warning signs of poor drainage. These areas of your yard make it easy for the soil to expand and contract. 

As the soil pushes and pulls away from the foundation, this can lead to cracks in your home’s foundation. At WCK Foundation Repair, we help solve a variety of drainage problems with basin, drain, or pump installation. Let us help you determine the right drainage solution for a dryer, safer yard.

3. Watch Out for Tree Roots

While trees planted near your home can bring beauty to your property, they can also be dangerous for your foundation. Trees and shrubs planted near your home will absorb whatever water they can find, especially during a drought or high Louisiana temperatures. As their roots grow closer to your home in search of water, they displace the soil surrounding your foundation. This creates uneven pressure which can lead to cracking and buckling of the concrete. To prevent this damage, plant trees and other shrubs with deep roots a safe distance from your home.

4. Ensure Grading Is Done Properly

Grading refers to the slope of the soil around your home. This slant helps water drain away from your house instead of pooling around the foundation. Proper grading is one of the most important elements to consider when designing your home or making repairs. Your home’s grading should slope by 6” every 10’ to ensure proper drainage. But if grading is done poorly due to excavation or other home improvement projects, it can channel water toward your foundation.

To prevent damage and the need for Walker foundation repair, you may require drainage solutions. The experts at WCK Foundation Repair can improve the drainage around your property with a wide range of drains such as: 

If you are noticing signs or poor drainage around your home, reach out to us today for a drainage estimate.

Call the Experts for Walker Foundation Repair

These are only a few ways that you can prevent foundation problems for your home. However, these issues are also easy to notice and fairly simple to remedy. With the help of a professional eye, you can ensure that other warning signs are not going unnoticed.

Another important part of foundation repair is selecting the right company for the job. For over 30 years, WCK Foundation Repair has helped homeowners restore their home’s value and safety. WCK uses the only proven method to repair foundations built upon South Louisiana’s unique soil. They also stand behind their work with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty. 

If you are ready to take the first steps in preventing foundation damage, reach out to us to schedule an inspection. Text or call us at 225-664-5956 or send us a message. From drainage solutions to Walker foundation repair, we can provide you with the necessary services to protect your home’s foundation.

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