Walker Foundation Repair: 4 Ways to Avoid Foundation Damage

To avoid pulling a muscle it’s a good idea to stretch before you run.  To avoid heatstroke, it’s a good idea to hydrate well before mowing the yard in the middle of a Louisiana summer day.  To avoid car problems, it’s a good idea to have your oil changed regularly.  All of these “prerequisites” are fairly common knowledge.  There are countless ways to prevent issues when it comes to any activity through maintenance and observation.  Your Walker home’s foundation is no different. 

When it comes to foundation damage there are several things you can do and look for that can help to keep your foundation, and home safe and healthy.  Here are four ways to avoid foundation damage:

1.) Proper Downspouts: Clean and clear gutters will only work as well as the downspouts they are attached to.  This is the key element that brings water away from the home.  If your downspouts don’t channel water away from the foundation 5 to 10 feet, rain will inundate the soil around your foundation creating pressure and causing damage.

2.) Standing Water: Beyond poor performing downspouts, other signs of potential trouble also stem from water.  If you notice standing water or areas along your foundation where water is slow to drain, these could be red flags.  These parts of your yard make it easy for the soil to expand and contract.  As the soil pushes and pulls away from the foundation, damage can occur.

3.) Roots: While roots from large trees can grow and create pressure against your foundation, the real danger they pose comes as they draw water from the soil.  Tree and shrub roots planted near your home will take whatever water they can find, especially during a drought.  As this water is drawn away, it can cause your foundation to settle and sink unevenly.  To prevent this, plant trees and other shrubs with deep roots away from your home.

4.) Grading: This is one of the most important elements when you design your home or make any repairs.  If grading is done poorly from excavation or other home improvements, it can actually channel water toward your foundation.  A properly graded home should slope by six inches every 10 feet.  This will ensure that any water is taken away from your home.

These are only a few ways that you can prevent foundation problems for your home.  These are also easy to notice and fairly simple to remedy.  Another important part of foundation repair is selecting the right company for the job.  For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has been helping homeowners restore their home’s value and safety.  WCK uses the only proven method to repair foundations built upon south Louisiana’s unique soil.  They also stand behind their work with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty.  Click here for more information on the signs of foundation damage.

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