Baton Rouge Residential Lawn Drainage Services: Tips for a Dryer Yard

Poor drainage around your home is not only a nuisance and an eyesore; it can do some serious damage.  Aside from killing your grass, poor drainage is a leading cause of foundation damage is south Louisiana.  The unique, clay-laden soil that our homes are built upon reacts to excess moisture, as well as a lack of moisture. 

When the soil expands it creates a building pressure on the concrete slab that is your foundation; it can also wreak havoc on pier and beam foundations.  The opposite effect occurs during a prolonged dry spell.  As the soil dries, it retracts away from both slabs and piers, removing support.  Furthermore, a continuation of this pattern can cause the soil to essentially pulse against the foundation, creating new and additional damage.

Controlling the drainage in your yard is the first step to protecting your home’s foundation from damage.  Here are a few quick ideas that can improve your drainage.

  • French Drain

A French drain is a versatile way to solve a number of different drainage issues.  This type of drain can disperse water over a large area through a buried, perforated pipe. 

  • Extend the Downspout

One of the easiest solutions to drainage problems is extending the downspouts around your house.  This channels water away from the foundation. 

  • Add a Drainpipe

One of the best ways to remove water from a low spot in your yard is with a drain pipe.  This allows water to drain away through an underground pipe. 

If you have drainage issues, or if you think you may have foundation damage, contact WCK Foundation Repair today.  Not only does WCK offer a free estimate on your foundation, they use the only proven method to repair foundations in our unique environment, backing it up with a transferrable lifetime warranty.  WCK also offers drainage services that can prevent foundation damage. 

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