The Importance of a Foundation Repair Warranty in Baton Rouge

Your home will likely experience minor movement after the foundation stabilizes, even with effective foundation repair. This is why many foundations and repair services come with a warranty. Every home has minor movement from time to time. But when the movement is significant, it can cause your foundation to buckle, crack, and even fail. This calls for foundation repair from experts you can trust. Make sure to partner with a foundation company with a transferable lifetime foundation repair warranty, like WCK Foundation Repair! Learn the importance of this warranty.

Why Is a Foundation Repair Warranty So Important?

If your foundation has suffered damage, repair services can bring it back to or as close to its original grade as possible. But what happens if your foundation goes through more damage in the future? Luckily, most credible foundation repair companies offer some form of warranty on their services. This foundation repair warranty may cover all materials and labor for new repairs. However, this typically only applies to the serviced areas, like installed piers. It is important to understand what is and is not covered in your foundation repair warranty.

Remember that not all warranties are the same. It is important to discuss the specifics of your warranty with your repair experts to know exactly what your coverage entails.

How Does Our Foundation Repair Warranty Work?

Having a Transferrable Lifetime Foundation Repair Warranty from WCK Foundation Repair on our drilled shaft piers means that if you experience any movement on the piers installed, WCK will return to make future adjustments free of charge. Movement and damage on our pier installation are rare occurrences, but our coverage gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing your investment in WCK Foundation Repair will be a permanent solution to home movement.

To prevent a voided warranty, customers must maintain the health of their foundation as much as possible. This includes: 

  • Ensuring proper drainage and run-off from gutters
  • Maintaining good plumbing
  • Keeping piers covered with dirt
  • And keeping water away from their slab foundation. 

In addition, current or future homeowners may not add structures that block access to the piers.

If you ever sell your home, there is no fee charged for transferring the warranty to the new owners, and coverage won’t lapse for each consecutive owner. WCK Foundation Repair’s home warranties are filed under the home’s street address, not the homeowner’s name. This makes it easy to keep our files organized. 

In years before 2002, WCK Foundation Repair offered a limited warranty for pier installation. Homes under this warranty had a small fee for any work under the warranty’s coverage. This fee covered fuel and driving costs to homes located over 60 miles from our office location. Now, all slab foundation repairs come with lifetime coverage.

Partner With the Foundation Repair Experts You Can Trust

At WCK Foundation Repair, want you to feel secure and confident in our ability to repair the home in the most effective way possible. We also want you to trust in the long-term backing of our work. Our experts are dedicated to delivering quality workmanship and customer service for all of your foundation needs. Whether you need repair completed with a transferable warranty or have questions about financing options, we are here to help. Give us a call at 225-664-5956 or send us a message for more information or to schedule services.

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