The Dangers Of Using The Wrong Foundation Repair Method In Baton Rouge

When you find evidence that you may have foundation damage, you know it’s time to call in a professional. But, before you have just anyone come out to your home, you should have an idea of what they will do once they get there if repairs are needed. Here at WCK Foundation Repair, we use the drilled pier method to repair your home’s foundation. However, others may offer a different method. You shouldn’t agree to let someone work on your home without knowing the dangers of using the wrong foundation repair method in Baton Rouge.

There are essentially three other popular methods of foundation repair that are often offered. Each of these methods will be presented to you explaining their benefits, or more likely, how they will be utilized. But, each has a down side that all too often gets overlooked. The reason they have a down side is that in Louisiana, we have a unique soil make up that isn’t fully addressed by them.Pressed Piling Method

While very popular throughout many parts of the country, pressed pilings overlook the instability that comes with Louisiana soil. Put simply, pressed pilings are a stack of concrete pilings that stretch from your slab down through the active soil until they reach more stable earth underneath. Pressed pilings provide the depth you need, but not the width. If the active soil shifts, there is nothing holding them stable and upright, which can lead to movement or even collapsing as the soil expands and contracts. This movement can lead to further foundation damage. There is also the possibility of porous concrete pilings absorbing moisture and deteriorating themselves.Mudjacking

Mudjacking involves pumping a cement grout (or in some cases foam) into a small hole or several small holes drilled near the crack in the foundation. This only fills in current gaps without truly solving the problem that led to your foundation in the first place. It will basically make the problem of your current foundation crack temporarily go away without addressing the root cause of what made your foundation crack to begin with.Spread Footing Method

The problem with the spread footing method is that it doesn’t go deep enough to get beneath the active soil. The spread footing method, like mudjacking, will appear to make the problem disappear, but since it only goes two to three feet into the ground, it lacks the depth to be considered a permanent solution. Like pressed pilings, this could get the job done in an area of the country where soil is denser or doesn’t move as much as ours does, but here, it shouldn’t be trusted long term.

We use the drilled pier method for repairing your home’s foundation. Where mudjacking or spread footing doesn’t go deep enough below the surface of the ground, the drilled pier method goes up to eleven feet deep, or until a change in the soil is found. What the pressed piers lack in stability, our drilled pier method utilizes rebar reinforced piers. This makes the concrete more sturdy to alleviate the potential for shifting or collapsing. With over thirty years of experience dealing exclusively with Louisiana soil, we have found this to be the most effective method to fix your home’s foundation for the long term. If you have any questions about the drilled pier method, or want to ask about the pros and cons of other methods, feel free to give us a call at WCK Foundation Repair.

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