When To Repair A Foundation

There are certain times of the year where it’s just perfect for doing something specific. For example, they say October, November, and December are the best times to buy a car. But when is the best time of the year to get your foundation repaired? As the foundation experts in Baton Rouge, WCK Foundation Repair is here to help you out! Get your FREE foundation repair estimate today.

So What Time Of Year Is Perfect?

As Louisianians, we deal with rain nearly nonstop. Or, it feels that way, at least! The area from East Baton Rouge to St. Tammany receives some of the highest annual precipitation rates in the state. That level of rain can take a real beating to the ground, which happens to be a rich clay-laden soil here. This type of soil expands when wet, shifting the earth and possibly causing foundation damage. In Louisiana, the average amount of rain is 60 inches—a little over 20 more than the national average. So when is the driest time of year?

  • Spring? Many would consider March to the end of May as a gentle misting season. Well, that’s not entirely so. May is one of the wettest months of the year for Louisiana. If April showers bring May flowers. What does May bring? June Bugs?
  • Well, how about summer? Many would consider summer as the driest time of the year. That’s not the case in the Bayou State. From April to September, rain pours down endlessly as the wet season. So, the entirety of summer is very damp and humid, making damage a big possibility.
  • Fall, right? Well… while the dry season begins in October, there is still hurricane season to think about. From June to November, keep your eyes on the sky for that big, round eye. 
  • Soo…winter? Nope, again. Rain picks back up from November to February. While not near the amount summer brings about, the amount of rain picks back up in the winter. 

Thanks to our coastal shore, the rain never stops in Louisiana. So, there really is no perfect time to get foundation repair in Baton Rouge. In short: the sooner, the better. Because the longer you wait, the bigger chance you have of getting more damage to your home. Don’t wait when you find cracks. Get your free foundation repair estimate today!

Retrieve Your Free Foundation Estimate Today!

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