When You Need Foundation Repair In Baton Rouge

A few things slip your mind when you’re a homeowner. But one of them shouldn’t be the upkeep of your home. Many homeowners tend to forget about the very thing keeping their home level: the foundation. You could have a faulty or damaged foundation on your hands and not know until it’s too late. As the leaders of foundation repair in Baton Rouge, WCK Foundation Repair provides the best solutions to fit your home’s needs. Find out what to look for and what causes foundation damage.

When Do You Need Foundation Repair?

There are a few reasons why you might need foundation repair in Baton Rouge. Damage can present itself in several ways. Something as subtle as uneven floors or as obvious as cracked concrete can be big tips.

As far as causes go, most are terrain-related. Because Louisiana’s soil is unique, foundation methods and types of soil differ based on location. For example, Baton Rouge’s soil is rich and clay-laden. These characteristics extend all the way to the Northshore. On the other hand, the soil in New Orleans changes to another type. 

Louisiana is also the second-wettest state in the nation, adding buckets of water into the ground. This added moisture can eat away at inferior foundations. Because of all these reasons, it’s important to always be aware of your home’s foundation. 

How Does WCK Feel About Certain Foundation Methods?

At WCK, we offer and support one method of foundation repair: The Drilled Pier Method. This method is widely recommended by structural engineers. Using even support and going deep into the soil, this method provides the most stable option. Additionally, these piers aren’t affected by moisture variations. Moisture is the most common cause of foundation issues in wet states like Louisiana. On the other hand, there are a few foundation methods that we do NOT recommend: 

  • The spread footing method is considered a temporary solution and is less effective than drilled piers. This method doesn’t place the concrete pad deep enough in the ground to allow for a solid foothold and are only about an inch thick.
  • We also do not support the driven pier method. This foundation method is basically a shot in the dark. There’s no solid way of knowing if the pipe or concrete are straight in the ground. These piers are too thin and cannot reach adequate depths in dry and hard soil. 

Using either of these two methods will likely cause you to need more repairs in the future.

Receive Reliable Foundation Repair In Baton Rouge

Your home should feel like a stable place to live. So reach out to WCK before the damage gets worse!

Have a few questions for us that aren’t answered on our FAQs? Please feel free to use the form on our contact page. Not only will we provide answers, but we throw in a free estimate. At WCK Foundation Repair, we work to make your house a home with our foundation repair in Baton Rouge. Call (225) 664-5956 to feel stable today.

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