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Did you know that without your foundation, your home begins to sink? Think about it—the foundation of your home is the one thing holding your house back from digging its own grave. So if you think your home is on the brink, maybe it’s time to look into things. If you think your foundation is faulty, call WCK Foundation Repair today and get a free foundation repair estimate on us! 

What Are The Signs Of A Foundation In Trouble?

How do you know if you need a specialist to look at your foundation? Well, there are a few things to keep an eye out for! Don’t miss these important signs of foundation damage.

  • Sinking. Remember how we said your foundation is keeping your house from sinking? Do things seem closer to the ground than before? 
  • Drainage issues. Are you seeing puddles gathering on the ground? This standing water is soaking into your ground faster than the rest of your yard. The closer it is to your house, the more trouble it is.
  • Cracking walls and foundation. This one is pretty hard to miss. If cracks are appearing in your walls or foundation itself, they’re a big sign of damage beneath your home.
  • Uneven ground. When your ground isn’t even, it often means your soil is shifting, putting pressure on your foundation. It never hurts to check and make sure everything is good down below.

Don’t ignore the signs of a foundation in decay. Ask for a free repair estimate from us and start your journey with WCK.

What Should I Know About Estimates?

Overall, the estimate process shouldn’t take longer than an hour. But depending on the type of foundation, it could be less. Slab estimates usually take around 15 to 45 minutes, but pier and beam and drainage and concrete both take around 30 minutes to an hour. Knowing this information makes it easier for you to put aside time for us to come out.

Please be aware that height matters with pier and beam foundations. That is to say, our estimator looks underneath your home with a flashlight if the home is higher than a foot and a half. On the other hand, our estimator will crawl underneath the home to check it out if it’s lower than a foot and a half tall. However, we have a firm policy that we do not work on any home lower than 18 inches. Be sure to measure your foundation before you call.

Schedule A Free Foundation Repair Estimate From WCK Today!

Don’t just sit around when your foundation is crumbling beneath you. Schedule a free foundation repair estimate with WCK today and save your home tomorrow. Do you have any questions about our services or estimates? Call us today at (225) 664-5956 or send us an online message. We’re ready to answer anything you throw our way. Let’s get your foundation back to where it should be.

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