A Look Beneath The Surface With Foundation Specialists Near Baton Rouge

Warmer weather tends to get people in the mood to move to a new house. However, when you’re selling or buying a new home, it’s important to look beneath the surface. Home foundations in Louisiana are highly susceptible to damage because of our humid weather. But thankfully the experts at WCK Foundation can help! Our foundation specialists near Baton Rouge can help you determine if your home will need any repairs to support you now and into the future. 

Preparing To Move

Before signing for a new home, an inspector should have informed you about the foundation’s reliability. Learn as much as you can about your home’s inspection as it’s an easy way to be prepared for what may come. You see, a good foundation needs to be able to withstand. You can never predict the impact a hurricane season may have on your home’s foundation. 

After all, have you ever wondered why we don’t have basements in Louisiana? That’s because the clay and soil beneath us are frequently shifting with the moisture levels. Anything underground is simply too difficult to keep in good and reliable condition. These same inconsistent moisture levels are what can disrupt your home’s foundation. At WCK, our foundation specialists understand what it’s like to deal with unpredictable weather and resulting moisture levels.

Slab Foundations in Louisiana

If your house rests on the ground without raisers, then your house was built on a slab foundation. The slab of concrete underneath levels your homes surface and supports everything inside. And lying underneath the foundation you’ll find the complicated water pipes system. When the moisture levels rear its ugly head, the pipes can break and cause a slab leak. A slab leak is a break in the water pipes under the foundation or in the concrete slab foundation. If you start to notice any of the following issues with your new home, you may be facing a slab leak.

  • Increasingly expensive water bills
  • Unexplained sound of running water
  • Random mold and mildew growth
  • Low water pressure
  • Wet floors, carpets, or baseboards

Repairing Foundations With The Drilled-Pier Method

As you can imagine, disruptions to your new home like this can be a major pain—but there is a relief! If you suspect a plumbing leak we recommend hiring a professional plumber to scope the pipes. If they are clear we recommend a drainage quote for the excess moisture issue. WCK specializes in drainage solutions, you can count on our foundation specialists to come to the rescue. Once the moisture issues are addressed we can re-evaluate the slab and install drilled shaft piers to stabilize the foundation if needed.

Repairing Additional Problems Caused By Moisture

The same conditions that disrupt your foundation are responsible for cracking your driveways and other concrete areas. Luckily, we aren’t only foundation specialists—we’re also concrete specialists! We offer repairs for patios as well as partial driveway pours for residential and smaller repair projects.

Count On The Reliable Foundation Specialists At WCK

If you think your home is experiencing foundation problems, don’t wait to get help. WCK Foundation will visit for a free estimate to determine the root of your problem. Since 1983 we have been the expert foundation specialist in the Greater Baton Rouge Area that you can trust.

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