Foundation Repair Warranties: Not All Are Created Equal

It’s always important to read the fine print.  Whether we are talking about rebates, warranties or formal agreements; much heartache and headache can be avoided if you understand what signing that dotted line means.  Speaking of headaches, those cracks in your foundation or slanted floors and those doors and windows that don’t quite close all the way, those are all signs of foundation damage

Having the value and safety of your home compromised by anything can be a stressful situation. With that being said, finding the best, skilled, qualified and trusted foundation repair company to remedy these issues needs to be at the top of your list.  What says trust like offering a fully transferrable, lifetime warranty?  When you have your foundation repaired, having the peace of mind that you won’t have to go through that ordeal again is incredibly valuable.  Not to mention the value you can add to your home should you ever sell it, by transferring that warranty to the buyer.

However, not all “lifetime” or “transferrable” warranties are totally lifetime and transferrable.  Some companies require that a fee be paid at the sale of the home in order to transfer the warranty.  There also may be a timeframe for which this transfer needs to be done.  If these stipulations are not met, the warranty can be voided.  If a company offers you a warranty like this are they really standing behind their work?  With the hustle, bustle and confusion in addition to the blizzard of paperwork that comes along with buying or selling a home, adding hurdles to transfer a foundation repair warranty sounds like they are tempting you to void the warranty.

A company that has the community and homeowner’s best interest at heart will keep it simple.  The warranty stays with the piers and the foundation.  At WCK Foundation Repair, our transferrable lifetime warranty does exactly that.  WCK doesn’t even need to know if you sell your home, their work is covered for the buyer just as it was for the original homeowner. 

So keep in mind, a warranty is great thing to have.  You should insist that the repair company you choose offers one on their work.  However, make sure you understand what is entailed in maintaining and leveraging that warranty.  For more information on WCK Foundation Repair’s transferrable, lifetime warranty.  

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