4 Ways To Minimize The Cost Of Foundation Repair In Baton Rouge

Having a cracked foundation isn’t something anyone wants to deal with, but sometimes that’s the situation we find ourselves in. When we do need foundation repair, it is important to remember that this isn’t a problem that goes away on its own. In fact, if left untreated, it worsens. Naturally, when something major goes wrong in our home, the first question asked is often, “how much is this going to cost me?” Since every home and every foundation problem is different, we can’t definitively answer that without assessing your situation. But, we can off 4 ways to minimize the cost of foundation repair.

Don’t procrastinate

Allowing foundation damage to sit untreated can actually expose your home to other problems and compound an already bad situation. First of all, you run the disk of the damage to your foundation worsening. As your foundation problem worsens, so do the corresponding structural problems. Walls will continue to crack inside. Bricks or mortar can crack outside. It can even lead to roof damage. But beyond that, there’s another problem. Just like your roof protects your home from the top down, your foundation protects it from the bottom up. A crack in your foundation can lead to moisture coming up from the ground and can create mildew and mold inside. If left unrepaired this can lead to you needing mold remediation as well. This means paying another bill. Not to mention anything in your home that may need replacing if mold damages it beyond repair. Don’t cut corners

Some people find cracks in their sheetrock or a large crack in their slab and just repair what they see. This is treating the symptom and not the cause. Usually, this means what they fix has to be fixed again. Which, of course, means added costs and bills. If you fix the foundation from the outset, you are much more likely to only have to fix everything else once and be done with it.

Hire someone reputable

We can’t stress this point enough. Trusting your home’s foundation to someone without a stellar reputation, or someone from out of town can mean that the job won’t be done right. And if the job isn’t done right, you’ll probably have to get it done again. Reputation is also just one factor in this equation. You want someone who knows the area. Knowing the ground underneath your home is vitally important to knowing how to fix the problem. At WCK Foundation Repair, we have over thirty years’ experience in dealing with the soil in South Louisiana. With that knowledge, we know how to get the job done right.


Even after a foundation is repaired, some minor movement isn’t uncommon. If you don’t have a strong warranty to back up the repair, you are left paying for further repairs. At WCK, we offer a lifetime warranty on our work. What’s more, that warranty is transferrable. Should you decide to sell your home one day, you have that warranty as a tool to back up your selling price.

Having your foundation repaired is not an expense that anyone seeks, but if you follow these tips, you can keep the costs of the damage to a minimum. If you have any questions, or feel that someone should evaluate your foundation to see if repairs are needed, feel free to give us a call at WCK Foundation Repair.

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