The Right Team Makes The Difference In Baton Rouge Foundation Repair

There aren’t many things in business more important than teamwork. Granted, everyone needs to be qualified and good at what they do, but if a team can’t work together, it shows up in the work they put out. We believe the right team makes the difference in Baton Rouge foundation repair. If you have worked with us in the past, or have seen our advertising, you know we are the only foundation repair company in the Capital city and surrounding areas that does the drilled shaft method. While we feel that is important, we also feel that the unique team we have brought together is even more important when it comes to serving you.

Who is on the WCK team?

Every good team starts with good leadership, and we are no different. Mike Wall has been personally doing all slab estimates and warranty checks since becoming owner of WCK in 2002.  He is more than just a good salesman, he knows what to look for.  He knows the difference in foundation damage and normal cracks.  Not only that, he will tell you when it’s not a foundation problem.  Honesty goes a long way with Mike, and he believes in treating everyone with that same level of honesty and respect.

Mike trained his son, Jacob, to take on estimates as well.  He has been working with WCK since he was a teenager.  He worked one on one with his dad since the beginning.  He’s had years of experience identifying foundation damage, drilling holes, jacking up foundations and customer service.  His employment with WCK is already over eleven years.

Donnie Yarolem is our slab supervisor and has been with WCK for more than eight years.  He has the highest record of customer satisfaction on his jobs.  He is able to run the field smoothly and train the younger guys on the machines. 

Our goal in hiring staff members is to keep them long-term. We want our employees to stick around and make a career here. We believe that the longer they stay, the more well trained they will be on the job. Simultaneously, the longer a team works together, the more they know how to play on each other’s strengths. If you have any questions about our team, or what we do differently at WCK Foundation Repair, please give us a call.

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