4 Winter Maintenance Tips From a Foundation Specialist in Central, LA

In Louisiana’s warm climate, it’s easy for homeowners to forget the impact winter can have on their home’s foundation. However, the drop in temperature during the winter can drastically reduce your foundation’s structural integrity. WCK Foundation Repair wants to prepare you for the changing seasons. Explore four winter maintenance tips from a foundation specialist in Central, LA.

How Cold Weather Impacts Your Foundation

As winter approaches, beware that the changing temperature can cause movement within your foundation. When temperatures fall, your foundation reacts by contracting or shrinking. Furthermore, the concrete will begin to expand as temperatures rise again. Additionally, changes in moisture can cause the soil beneath your home’s foundation to undergo similar shifts. 

These fluctuations can cause your foundation to crack or unevenly settle below your home. With Louisiana’s frequent temperature shifts, it is paramount that your foundation is prepared to weather the changing seasons.

1. Get a Foundation Assessment From Foundation Specialists in Central, LA

The first and most crucial step of winter preparation is having your foundation inspected for pre-existing damage. During an inspection, an expert will examine the interior and exterior of your house for cracks, water damage, or any other foundation concerns. 

An inspector will assess everything from doorways to crawl spaces for signs of weakness. WCK Foundation Repair, a foundation specialist in Central, LA, can provide a free estimate to advise clients on preparing for these changes. 

2. Direct Your Home’s Drainage

With the dynamic climate of Louisiana, it’s critical that your drainage system is ready for winter. As temperatures fluctuate, pooling water can create extreme pressure on your foundation. To prevent this, be sure your gutters are clear of debris with downspouts directed away from your house. If poor drainage is a consistent issue, consider having your drainage system replaced to ensure your home is protected.  

3. Have Your Soil Graded

Oversaturation of foundation soil can lead to severe cracks and structural damage. With changing temperatures affecting soil density, risks of instability become even more concerning. As a preventative measure, grade your soil to slope groundwater away from your foundation. Though grading is a great preventative measure, consider having your foundation assessed to ensure no damage from previously retained water.

4. Know The Warning Signs

Foundation issues can reveal themselves in your home’s interior and exterior. You can find interior issues in floors that dip or doors and windows that stick when opening. Outside your house, look for cracks in your brick walls or driveway. 

These warning signs are important to watch as they often indicate further issues in your home’s structural integrity. Consider taking our Foundation Damage Quiz to check if your foundation is in need of repair.

Choose WCK Foundation Repair As Your Foundation Repair Specialist in Central LA

Though Louisiana winters are brief, their effects can last long into the future. Preventative measures can help weather-proof your home. However, for long-term protection, consider reaching out to WCK Foundation Repair. For four decades, we’ve provided South Louisiana with state-licensed, high-quality foundation repair work. Our commitment to excellence and flexible financing options make us the top choice for foundation repairs in the area.

Don’t let foundation issues ruin your winter season. Contact WCK Foundation Repair today at 225-664-5956 or send us a message to schedule an appointment. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the professional foundation repair solutions you need to ensure your home stands strong for years to come.

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