Troubleshooting Yard Drainage Problems In Baton Rouge

Summertime in South Louisiana means frequent rain and a recurring threat of tropical weather. This means your yard’s drainage is put to the test on a regular basis. Because drainage problems can affect the density of the soil around your home, foundation damage could be in your future. The normal amount of water activity in the ground shouldn’t pose a threat to your foundation, but prolonged periods of saturation, followed by dry spells, could mean a different story. That is why troubleshooting the drainage problems in your Baton Rouge home could prevent larger problems down the road. Discover how to pinpoint these issues and call the professionals at WCK Foundation Repair to help you out.

Identify Your Drainage Problem

When you see standing water in your yard, you know you have a problem. But, that doesn’t mean the water itself is the problem. The water is merely a symptom. The real issue is that the water has no place to go. So, identifying your drainage problem really means finding out why the water isn’t moving towards a ditch, sewer, or away from the house in some way. The most identifiable way to see a drainage problem is by pinpointing standing bodies of water that definitely shouldn’t be there.

Plan a Drainage Solution Before Implementing It

There are many options that can help your yard drain properly. But, the best option varies from situation to situation. Because of this, you want to consider which drainage option is best suited for your situation. You will want to consider the shortest path to get the water from point A to point B and anything blocking the water’s path. The last thing you want to do is start tearing up your yard to install better drainage, only to find out it has to be rerouted. Unless you plan on digging a tunnel to China, there’s no point in ripping up your entire yard.

Install Your Drainage As Soon As Possible

You don’t want your drainage problem to be a lasting issue. Let’s get to work! Some people think that the yard needs to be completely dry before getting to work, but that is not so. There are many reasons for this. 

First and foremost, the problem only gets worse the longer your house is exposed to it. Also, you want to be able to test your work sooner rather than later to find out if it is effective. Naturally, you don’t want your yard to be so saturated that it leads to sloppy work. But considering the summer forecasts in Louisiana, rain is always around the corner. There’s no point in waiting until the possible one week of no rain.

Let’s Solve the Drainage Problems in Your Baton Rouge Home

If you have any questions about how drainage can affect your foundation, please contact our team of experts at WCK Foundation Repair and we will be happy to answer them for you. Let’s begin the process of repairing your drainage problems on your Baton Rouge property.

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