The Benefits To Financing Foundation Repair in Baton Rouge

A home is the most valuable asset that most families will ever own.  So, it is no surprise that many homeowners fall into a temporary state of shock and panic, when they discover their most prized possession may have a crack in the foundation.  One of the many services that WCK Foundation Repair offers the anxious homeowner is a free estimate.  We understand that the homeowner is already faced with tough decisions as it relates to repairing their home, so a free estimate is a small step towards helping our customers.

But, beyond the free estimate, we know that the homeowners mind is already focused on the estimated cost of their damaged home.  No matter the job size, the cost of the foundation repair job is certainly a dreaded matter for the homeowner.  Most of the time, this cost has not been planned, so it is a surprise that really is not welcomed by anyone.

While our rate structure is extremely competitive and fair, it is certainly not a cost or expense that excites many homeowners.  Unlike a piece of new furniture to liven up the living room, decorations to brighten the kitchen, or new flooring to renovate the bathroom, repairing the foundation of your home is not the most exciting adventure. However, there is no expense that is more necessary than the investment into securing the foundation of the home.

If the repairs to the foundation are not made in a timely manner, the cracks in the foundation, bricks, tile, and/or sheet rock will continue to worsen.  To take it a step further, ignoring the foundation issues very well can lead to major structural damage to the home.  So, instead of prolonging any sort of action, our advice would be to be very proactive in the care of your home.

The good news is that WCK Foundation Repair has payment options to help alleviate any financial hurdles that can possibly arise.  WCK Foundation Repair offers financing through Wells Fargo.  Many of our customers find financing an attractive offer, because it alleviates the initial out of pocket expense.  Through WCK Foundation Repair and Wells Fargo, applying for credit is easy.  To apply for credit, simply visit our office to fill out a one page credit application.  Once the application is completed, we will submit immediately for approval.

When financing your foundation repair, payment amounts can vary according to the terms of your particular financing.  Financing for 12 months, no interest, same as cash incurs no fees.  Customizing your financing according your payment goals can be arranged by our staff.  An initial one time fee is applied for the customized plan, however, this fee would be discussed ahead of time before any commitment on your part.

WCK Foundation Repair makes every effort to make the foundation repair process as easy as possible for our customers.  We understand that it is never fun to incur unexpected expenses.  However, we also know that making every effort to help our customers through this time, is the most important service we can provide. If you would like a free estimate on your home, click here.  

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