Spotting Problems With A Cinder Block Foundation

Many homes in South Louisiana are raised off the ground as a way to avoid flooding. Some of these homes have bricks underneath them, some have wooden beams, and some have cinder blocks or concrete blocks. These homes are built on what is called a pier and beam foundation. The cinder blocks you see go into the ground and connect on top with the system of beams that supports your house.

The good news about these homes is, they provide a number of benefits that a slab foundation doesn’t. Since they are separated from the ground, it is harder for termites to infiltrate the home. Also, the separation allows for air to pass under the house which allows the soil to dry and not retain excessive moisture for extended periods of time.

The bad news is, pier and beam homes are just as susceptible to foundation problems as a home that is built on a slab. Spotting problems with a cinder block foundation is very similar to spotting problems with any other pier and beam home. Even though your home is elevated, and air can flow freely underneath it, the changes in moisture level in the soil can allow for that soil to shift or move. If that happens, you may start to see signs of the damage inside your home.

Some of the problems you may see inside include:

  • doors that don’t open or close properly
  • doors that swing back open
  • windows that stick
  • cracks in your walls
  • sagging floors

While these symptoms don’t guarantee you have a foundation problem, they do mean you should have them addressed immediately. Neglecting them could easily lead to them worsening. WCK has been working with foundations in South Louisiana for over 30 years and we specialize in pier and beam foundation repair.

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