Fix Issues That Come With A Sinking Foundation

A home is one of the most expensive investments a person will make in their lifetime. Like any investment, you want your home built on something solid. Your foundation is that something solid. Over time, the soil under your foundation can shift due to a multitude of reasons. These shifts can move the slab your house is sitting on and cause a multitude of problems for your home. Expanding and contracting soils, as well as inclement weather, often cause these problems. Some of these issues require foundation repair in Baton Rouge. 

Foundation repair is often only the start when fixing a variety of foundation issues. It is possible your home is still affected by cosmetic damages even after foundation repair. Problems like cracks, misaligned gutters, and door and window issues are common. We know there are a lot of questions that can come up when you realize you need foundation repair. So we’ve laid out some of the common problems and fixes that come with foundation issues.

Wall/Floor Cracks: Cracks in the wall and floor are signs that something is shifting within the foundation. This could mean your foundation could be settling, sinking or shifting. You can use crack injection molds or caulk to fill in the spaces between the cracks. It’s important to treat the underlying issue or these cracks will return at a higher and more intense rate.

Doors That Stick Or Don’t Open: A shifting foundation can cause doors in your home to become stuck or too loose to close. This problem also affects cabinets and closet doors as well. Take notice of the weather when your door is sticking. If it’s happening during heavy rain, it might be indicative of a shifting foundation. Once a foundation expert locates the underlying issue, they will install piers. Piers and Beams brace and support the foundation, eliminating the problem.

Sagging Or Uneven Floors: Sloping floors can be caused by sinking or uneven soil deposits under your foundation. To fix these slopes, the foundation must be braced and readjusted. Once again, the use of piers and braces can be used to support these parts of the foundation.

WCK Tackles Home Foundation Repairs In Baton Rouge

When you have a foundation problem, it’s best to stop the issue in its tracks. If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above it’s time to call the premier foundation repair experts In Baton Rouge. WCK offers free estimates to help your house get back to where it belongs. Give us a call at (225) 664-5956 or fill out an online form today. Let’s get your home back into shape with the best foundation repair practices in Baton Rouge.

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