Should I Buy A Baton Rouge Home With Foundation Damage

Buying a home, especially an older one, can be a very trying task. Your family has its list of needs and wants. Often, the right neighborhood is at or near the top of the list. But, it is usually difficult to find multiple homes that meet your needs, and are for sale at just the right time in your desired subdivision. That usually means either compromising on your wish list, or moving forward on a home that has experienced some sort of damage in the past. Leading to the question, should I buy a Baton Rouge home with foundation damage?

There are some problems with homes that are so detrimental to the home’s value that you should walk away. A few examples of this are when termite, fire, or other damage affects the actual structure of the home. When it comes to needing foundation repair, this isn’t usually the case. If you see signs of foundation damage, ask the owner if they have had problems in the past, and what they have done about them. Learn More

If they haven’t had any foundation damage repaired, you can renegotiate the price of the house to offset the cost of the repairs. While this isn’t ideal for the seller, it is easier for them to agree to this than to sit on a house that needs work that is being neglected. Especially when, with a problem like foundation damage, ignoring the issue can actually make it worse.

If they have had work done, they should have a lifetime transferrable warranty to offer. A warranty doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to never need work again, but it is a good starting point for some peace of mind. The real work comes in what was done after the foundation repair. Ask the owner if the foundation repair company gave them any instructions to prevent the damage from recurring. If they have, you should be ok. If they have not, this too can be factored into a renegotiated price.

Ultimately, the final choice is up to you. If you feel that the house is your dream home, the problems you discovered can be overcome, and you have been proactive about solving them, then it should be easier to move forward. If you feel that the home needs further inspection by a professional, contact our team of experts at WCK Foundation Repair, and we will be happy to assist you.

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