Residential Drainage Tips for Baton Rouge Homeowners

Do you ever step out into your yard and based on your damp sock realize that you’ve found a puddle?  It can be expected after a fresh rain, but having standing water and a wet lawn days after a storm can point directly to a drainage problem.  Unfortunately drainage issues around your home can spell trouble for much more than your socks. 

Our south Louisiana homes are built on a unique, expansive, clay-laden soil.  This soil type expands as it gets wet and retracts during dry spells.  This constant movement can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.  However, like most problems, the drainage in your yard can be corrected and the potential damage to your foundation can be avoided.  Here are some simple tips for maintaining the drainage around home.

  • Divert Excess Water: This is the essential goal of drainage. Water of course serves a very important role to your lawn and landscaping.  However too much can be just as damaging as too little.  Diverting the excess away from your home and off of your lawn is the most important objective.  This can be done through a number of ways. 
    • Gutters
    • Down Spouts
    • Catch Basins
    • French Drains
  • Changing Your Topography: Low lying spots in your yard can be problematic by nature. These areas will collect and hold water and prevent it from expeditiously moving away from your home.  Creating swales and planting water thirsty plants can help divert water and soak it up; maintaining your soil’s moisture content. 

These of course are only a few ideas and basic fundamentals of yard drainage.  Some of these can be done in a few hours, others can be a week project, while others still could require some expert help.  When it comes to the safety and value of your home, investing in quality drainage can save you some serious money, time and headaches down the road.  Also if you’ve had your foundation repaired or think you may need your foundation inspected, taking care of any drainage issues is a top priority.  Fixing your foundation without addressing drainage is like having dental work done and then not brushing your teeth. 

For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has been helping south Louisiana home and business owners.  Now, in addition to providing the only proven method to repair foundations built upon our unique soil; they are now using their expertise to offer drainage work.  So whether your foundation is damaged, or you want to prevent that from happening, trust the local experts.

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