Residential Drainage Solutions For Pier and Beam Homes

Whew! The storms this year have been more intense than ever. In Louisiana, we’re used to a crazy amount of water. But all of this water can have an intense effect on your home’s foundation. Which, in turn, can have a giant impact on your home. 

So, what can you do when mother nature comes knocking at your door? Thanks to the knowledge we have now, we have the perfect residential drainage solutions for you. And don’t think that your foundation is exempt just because you have a pier and beam foundation. Take a look at some of the residential drainage solutions we have for your type of home at WCK Foundation Repair.

What Is A Pier and Beam Foundation?

Some people are painfully unaware of the type of foundation that they have. However, this identification process is pretty easy. 

Take a look at the foot of your home. If your home is raised, take a look and peek in for a series of concrete piers and wooden beams that lift and support the weight of your house. This height allows water to flow underneath and completely miss the wood to protect the house. But without proper drainage, your foundation can develop issues over time.

What’s Available For Pier and Beam

Thanks to advances in technology, there are many drainage solutions to protect your foundation. When it comes to pier and beam foundations, we suggest a sump pump if you don’t already have one. A sump pump may sound confusing, but we can fill you in. This pump is buried under the home, where it fills with water with every storm. Once it fills to a certain amount, the pump starts up and begins pushing the excess water away from the home. 

If you already have a sump pump but still have drainage problems, there are other options available. For example, if you have trouble with standing water in your yard or around the home, you should look into landscaping. This simple drainage solution ensures that the water flows away from the house and has little to no effect on the foundation. Alternatively, there’s also the choice of channel drains, gutters, and surface drains. Talk with one of our representatives and see what residential drainage solutions are for you.

The Best Residential Drainage Solutions Near You

At WCK, we’re invested in helping you repair and to keep your foundation safe. That’s why we offer the best residential drainage solutions near you. Are you ready to begin, or perhaps use our repair services? Get a free estimate from us or give us a call at (225) 664-5956 to ask us any questions you have. We’re more than happy to help you protect your home this storm season and beyond.

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