3 Questions Homebuyers Should Ask From a Foundation Repair Company

When it comes to buying a new home, the questions never seem to stop. “How far is my commute to work? Are the schools in the area good? When is the trash picked up?” However, there is one very important question to ask when shopping for a house: “How is the foundation?” This answer can create a number of new questions. As a foundation repair company serving Ponchatoula, WCK Foundation Repair wants to help you make an informed decision when buying a home. Here are three very important questions to ask if an inspector finds foundation damage.

1. Will I Need New Financing?

You’ve collected years of tax returns and months of pay stubs, and you’ve diligently saved your down payment. You finally have your pre-approval in hand. But now that you’ve discovered that your potential new home has foundation damage, is that letter still good? Depending on your financing platform, it may not be. A loan from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that a home is structurally sound. Also, once a foundation problem is disclosed, a bank could still agree to finance the mortgage. However, it may be at a higher interest rate or require more money down.

2. Who Is Responsible for the Repair?

It is important to determine who will be responsible for the repair if you decide to go through the purchase of the home. In short, it should be the seller’s responsibility. You should also make your purchase contingent on the repair being made and passing an inspection. It is crucial for your Ponchatoula home that you are heavily involved in the repair process, specifically in choosing the foundation repair company. The seller may be motivated to find the cheapest and quickest option. You will want a comprehensive repair that also carries a lifetime warranty.

3. Is There Any Other Damage?

A home’s foundation supports the structure on top of it. So as it moves, shifts, and sustains damage, it can impact other areas of your home. From walls, doors, floors, windows, and all the way to the roof, it is important that these areas are considered when foundation damage is disclosed or discovered. The last thing you want after repairing the foundation is to pay to repair drywall or your roof. If your Ponchatoula home is showing signs of foundation damage, reach out to our foundation repair company for a free estimate.

These are only a few questions that should come to mind, but they are very important ones to ask. The most important question to discuss with the current homeowner, your realtor, and your home inspector is the condition of the foundation. Soil in Ponchatoula and throughout Tangipahoa and South Louisiana has unique, natural conditions that can be quite damaging to concrete and pier and beam foundations. Make sure that the foundation is properly inspected to identify issues, damage, or possible risks.

Is Your Ponchatoula Home in Need of  Foundation Repair?

If you discover that a repair is needed on your Ponchatoula property, it is important to trust a local, knowledgeable, and trusted foundation repair company. For nearly four decades, WCK Foundation Repair has been restoring the value and safety of homes across South Louisiana. We understand the soil conditions and offer a fully transferrable lifetime warranty on our work. Give us a call at 225-664-5956, or send us a message letting us know the best time to reach you.

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