How Did We Get To Modern Foundations and Foundation Repair?

With the growth of technology, we’ve been creating advancements at breakneck speed. That being said, what were things like before we began building foundations as they are in the modern age? What choices do homeowners have today? As the experts of foundation repair in Hammond and the surrounding areas, we would love to give some insight into how modern foundations came to be.

A Short History Of Foundations

Foundations have been used by humanity for thousands and thousands of years! So many civilizations discovered the worth of foundations early in history. After all, if they didn’t use these foundations, their homes would sink into the ground. One such example is some early inhabitants built their homes on sticks to stay away from water and predators. 

That brings us to the Romans, who in 6500 B.C., would use an early kind of concrete for houses with interesting damage-prevention tactics. At the time, builders discovered that horsehair made the concrete less likely to crack and blood protected against frost. Unfortunately, concrete was lost with the fall of the Roman Empire until the 14th century. But while the Romans have one of the more developed foundations, it’s not the only civilization creating better homes. Egyptians would use heavy stones on bedrock for their pyramids, for example. 

Multiple forms of foundations began to show up around the Bronze Age. Complicated forms of stone and brick began appearing in countries all around Europe and buildings got bigger and more complex. We have since moved on from our early days from using stones, wood, and reeds. These days, most foundations consist of concrete with metal rods running through for extra stability. But what exactly are our choices?

Smart Foundations For A Better Home

Any builder can tell you that it’s always important to know what the soil is like before you commit to a foundation. For the Hammond area, the ground consists of clay-laden soil that grows when wet. This inconsistency and moisture is a terrible mix for a foundation such as a basement. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other perfect choices.

  • Slab foundations. These foundations are in many modern homes due to its smaller price and durability. Slabs are made up of a large layer of concrete, which is thicker at the edges, usually with wire mesh inside to reduce cracking. Normally, these slabs also rest on a bed of gravel to help with draining. 
  • Pier and Beam foundations. Due to the nature of Louisiana, pier and beam foundations provide the best bet to keep water away. These foundations usually loft the home about a foot and a half off the ground using concrete beams. In addition to being safer from floods, pier and beam makes plumbing and electrical maintenance much easier.

There’s always a choice! And who knows? Perhaps in ten, twenty, or fifty years the foundation game will be entirely different. But no matter if it is or isn’t, we’ll be there with the best service!

Let’s Begin On Your Foundation Repair in Hammond

When you need a foundation repair in Hammond, WCK is here to help. Grab a free estimate from us to begin your repair! If you have any questions for us on the other hand, please feel free to give us a call at (225) 664-5956 or contact us online. We’re always ready to discuss foundations with you.

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