Is Your Slab Foundation in Need of Repair?

Slab foundations act as a buffer between your home and the soil beneath it. They also allow for drainage while protecting homes from pests, flooding, and gas leaks. This type of foundation comes with many benefits for your home, but it is still possible for your slab to crack. Uneven soil, drainage issues, or tree roots can break through your concrete slab, leaving it unstable and unsettled. If you are in Louisiana and need slab foundation repair, WCK Foundation is here to assist. Know the signs of a cracked slab foundation before the structural integrity of your home is compromised.

1. Warped or Cracked Walls

Your foundation moves and settles over time. A cracked or unsettled foundation places pressure on the walls of your home. This is due to the weight sitting unevenly in different areas. Instead of the traditional flat, straight wall, you may begin to notice bowing or cracks in the wood or sheetrock. If you notice cracks are wide at one end and narrow on the other or horizontal cracks, you could call an expert to inspect your foundation. Foundation repair can resolve the issue before it leads to further structural damage.

2. Doors That Stick

Do the doors inside your home stick or drag at the top of the frame? Is one side of the doorframe lower or tighter to the top of your door than the other? You may even notice that the frame itself is out of alignment. Rather than forming 90-degree angles, they can become crooked and shift to one side or the other. These are common signs of issues that may be affecting your slab foundation. It’s not uncommon to have one door or window that is a bit more difficult to close. This can be due to its installation or seasonal expansion and contraction of wooden frames. However, finding more than one stubborn door or window can be a sign to call a professional. 

3. Odd Smells

Cracks in your foundation create gaps where air can enter your house. This can allow humidity and strange smells to seep into your home. You may notice strange, musty smells or mugginess throughout your home. Unusual odors in your home are not always a sign of foundation issues, but make note of even the most subtle disturbances. If these smells go along with other signs listed above, you should schedule a professional evaluation.

Louisiana Slab Foundation Repair With WCK Foundation

Your slab foundation may require repairs, even without outside signs of foundation damage. The WCK Foundation Repair experts make spotting and correcting foundation issues a simpler process. With our drilled pier method, we can help to correct uneven or sinking foundations with engineering-approved practices. We also offer a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction. If you need slab foundation repair in Louisiana, contact us today for a free estimate! Or, you can call us at 225-664-5956 or message us online

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