Kentwood Foundation Repair: How Water Can Damage Your Foundation

We’ve had a few soggy weekends over the past month and we get closer to winter, the moisture likely won’t slack off very much.  So before the really chilly temperatures settle in, it’s important understand how rain and other water sources impact your foundation. 

Soil moisture increase is a serious contributor to many foundation problems.  Of course with south Louisiana’s wet climate it’s crucial for the health of your home to understand why it causes issues and how to prevent them.  In fact over 70% of all slab foundation repairs are caused by upheaval.  Upheaval water accumulation underneath the slab.  When it comes to upheaval there are two main causes:

  • Rainfall
  • Domestic sources

Rainfall and your foundation

As stated above, rainfall and other precipitation can be a major factor when it comes to your home’s foundation.  However, this risk can be largely mitigated by good drainage around your home.  This means strong, clean gutters, downspouts and a drainage plan that channels water away from your home.

Domestic water sources

This can be the more serious culprit when it comes to foundation problems.  Often times domestic water sources that are causing foundation problems go unnoticed.  Examples of domestic water sources can be: sprinklers, watering your lawn, and leaks.  Leaks are typically responsible for the most domestic water related damages.  The existence of a leak is often verified as a result of foundation damage; meaning that no leak was considered until the foundation actually needed to be repaired and it was discovered. 


It’s estimated that over 70% of all slab foundation repairs are caused by upheaval.  In the Kentwood, Louisiana area homes are built upon an expansive, clay-laden soil.  So as it becomes saturated it expands and the soil adjacent to the foundation creates a tremendous amount of pressure.  This is why drainage control is so important.

If you believe you have foundation problems it is important to entrust your home to a local, expert foundation repair company.  For over 30 years WCK Foundation Repair has been helping home and business owners.  WCK uses the only proven method for our unique soil conditions, the drilled pier method and they stand behind their work with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty.  Click here to learn more about the signs of foundation damage.

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