WCK Foundation Repair: The Solution to Your Home Foundation Problems

It’s hard to overstate the importance of your home’s foundation. It keeps your living space level, preventing settling and shifts that can create uneven floors and movement. But, if your home’s foundation is damaged or weakened, it can also create further damage throughout your home. This can include cracks in the walls and ceilings, doors and windows that no longer close properly, and a host of other issues. If you notice foundation problems in your Denham Springs home, help is available. For nearly 40 years, WCK Foundation has built a reputation for providing solutions to foundation problems. Explore our foundation repair services to learn how we could help you.

Our Foundation Repair Services

When it comes to repairing home foundation problems in Denham Springs, you want professionals who can do the job and do it right. At WCK Foundation repair, we fully understand the importance of a home’s foundation and how heavily it can impact the home itself. Our team is trained and experienced in fixing foundation issues, improving the safety and security of our clients’ homes. Explore our services to find the one that could meet your needs best.

Drilled Pier Method

This service can raise a building to its original grade (or as near as possible). We offer several different pier designs and sizes, finding the selections that will work best with your home. Piers are machine drilled and can extend to depths between six to 8 feet, or to rock. They are supported by structural steel and steel shims are then used for fine-tuning. The drilled pier method also allows for easy adjustment if needed.

Pier and Beam Repair

Does your home have a pier and beam foundation? This foundation type has wood floors and substructures with an open airway between the bottom floor of the home and the ground beneath it. If these beams are not spaced correctly, it can lead to problems like sagging floors within the home. And improper drainage and ventilation can lead to rot and foundation damage. We repair pier and beam foundations to make them safer, more effective, and more durable.

Have You Noticed Foundation Problems in Your Denham Springs Home?

If you think there may be problems with your home’s foundation, it’s time to get in touch with WCK Foundation Repair. Call us at 225-664-5956 or contact us online for more information. In addition, you can also reach out to us online to get a free estimate. We’re ready to help you with all of your home foundation needs.

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