Don’t Suffer From Home Foundation Problems

With so many things to consider, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re searching for the perfect new home. One thing to check for? Home foundation problems—especially in south Louisiana. The particular climate down here makes a strong foundation one of the most important considerations. The experts at WCK Foundation want you to be prepared and know the signs of home foundation issues while you’re house shopping.

Starting From The Bottom

As you drive up to that beautiful home, get out the car, and grin with excitement, remember to give a quick check for home foundation problems. Does your potential new home have a pier-and-beam or a slab foundation? If the house was built after the 1960’s it probably has a slab foundation. But homes built before then are quite common in south Louisiana, and these homes tend to have pier and beam foundations. With beams supported by concrete piers, a key component of this design is the airflow between the bottom of the house and the ground.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

So if it is a pier and beam foundation, is it properly ventilated? You see, major issues arise in pier and beam foundations that are improperly spaced or not ventilated. Your house needs the proper amount of ventilation to counteract the effects of our weather and moist soil—especially during summer months. If the foundation is completely sided and covered, you can bet that there isn’t enough dry air circulating underneath. 

Be sure that the air can flow under to keep the soil dry. High levels of moisture may cause the beams, subfloor, and joists to rot and cause your house to crack. On the contrary, dry soil will lessen the swelling occurring underneath your home. 

Be Aware of Signs

No matter the foundation type, you should always check for signs that issues already occurred. Rainy seasons may give way to pools of standing water, signaling that your ground is uneven and has poor drainage. Poor drainage often causes the soil underneath to absorb lots of water and swell. Like a sandcastle experiencing high tide, a drastic amount of swelling from water may cause your house’s structures to crack and sag. 

Generally speaking, wall cracks, gaps, and sagging floors are signs of home foundation problems. If it’s a pier and beam foundation, the beams must be separated exactly the right amount to support the house’s weight. Too little support may cause these dreadful signs. Of course, unless you have foundation experience and you crawl under the house yourself (which we don’t recommend doing) you likely won’t be able to determine the exact measurements. But our experts can help. If you’re worried about any of these signs, we are happy to provide a free inspection to diagnose the true cause. 

Make Home Foundation Problems A Thing Of The Past

If your dream home has foundation problems, don’t lose hope! You can rely on the team at WCK Foundation to repair and install your foundation to last. We have financing options to help match your budget. After all, everyone deserves a strong home foundation. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and receive your free estimate.

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