Do you need to move out during repairs?

When foundation repair work comes to mind, no doubt your imagination can come up with the worst case scenario.  Let us ease your mind.

While each job is different, and the severity of the damages vary from house to house, most of our jobs are done in two days, and the work takes place from the outside.  Our crew drills custom size piers, spaced about 6-8 feet apart and these are placed under the foundation footings.  On day two, which is a week or so later, we will adjust these piers and be finished.

If the home has experienced interior movement, and piers are needed on the interior, there is more extensive work to be done.  In this case, the homeowner may choose to stay elsewhere, but that is based on their preference.  These interior piers can be an inconvenience and possibly a tripping hazard inside the home.  What are they like and how do we drill them?

These piers are installed from inside, meaning the flooring is removed and the existing slab is broken through.  We then hand dig our piers, shape them up accordingly and pour concrete into them.  As you can imagine, this creates a bit of dust and debris.  We have fans that we use to suck the dust out of the house, and we tape off the necessary doors and rooms.  Since we customize each pier and hand pour concrete, we need to let the hole remain open for about one week.  We cover these spots with plywood, but if you have small children or its in a high traffic area, it could be a hazard.  We still don’t require the homeowner to move out for the week, but some have found it less nerve wracking.  

Our drilling typically takes one to two days for interior work, depending on how many we are doing.  We strive to have a full crew on site for these types of projects, so we can keep the inconvenience down to a minimal for the homeowner.

Staying or going is up to each homeowner and we can meet and discuss the expectations prior to scheduling the project.  Foundation failure can be challenging, but its our profession and we’ve got years of experience in making things go as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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